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Our Factory

Automatik has four areas in the production line of its products, with the aim of maintaining a standard in quality and thus ensure an optimal result in the final product.

Mold making

This is the area where molds are developed, which is formed by a highly qualified group of professionals and specialists that give life to the molds from where every product originates. Concurrently, they make sure to maintain the molds in perfect shape.


On the product line, the injection machines are vital to the production. They materialize the work that has being done on the molds, been these of the highest technology, they allow to assure and keep the quality on all of our products. The injection process starts with the raw material being crushed into small grains that melt and become moldable. Is in this moment when the material takes the shape of the mold and lately, after a cooling process, will take the definitive form.


In this area all the different parts that form a stamp, dater or any other product made in our factory are put together.

Quality control

Finally, the quality control area is where each of our products are carefully examined, making sure that in every process the quality and features meet the highest standards, allowing us to keep a constant guarantee of our manufacturing processes.
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